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Connie Jordan, Las Vegas Life Coach, Reveals 5 Steps to Becoming the Better You

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It is human nature to want to become better people. But, with the fast pace of modern life, it is easy to get caught up and lose track of exactly where you are heading. The end result is finding yourself in a place where you are no longer happy with the way that you behave and act. Fortunately, if you are experiencing or have experienced this yourself, there are steps you can take to help yourself back on the road to becoming the best person that you can be. 


As the founder and CEO of Anchor Adversity in Las Vegas, Connie Jordan is an educational consultant and professional life and career coach. Jordan develops programs tailored to individuals to help them achieve success in their professional careers and personal life.


Below, Connie Jordan of Las Vegas highlights five steps to help you transform yourself for the better:


1. Be Aware of Your Thoughts


When things aren't going the way that you want, it is essential to take a step back to look at your thoughts and analyze why you are thinking and acting the way you do. Mindfulness is a buzz word these days, but this encapsulates what you need to be doing. Acknowledgment, without judgment, is crucial to self-improvement. Take your thoughts, note them, and allow yourself to think anything your brain wants. In doing so, you will help stop the impulsive behavior that can affect our actions.


2. Do One Kind Deed Every Day


Deep down, we are all kind individuals. Every day, make a point to take time out to do something to help somebody else. Not only will the other person appreciate your actions, but it can act as a massive confidence boost to yourself. The more you help, the more you will want to contribute, and this will drive you on to become the person you want to be.


3. Get Enough Sleep


Everybody is cranky if they don't get enough sleep! Your body simply can't accomplish all the tasks that it needs to do without enough rest. If you have snapped at somebody after a rough night, you will know how this feels. Make it a priority to get enough shuteye, and make sure your sleep is is of high quality on a comfortable bed to give you the most benefits.


4. Watch What You Eat


It is astonishing just how much your diet can affect the way that you behave, although some aspects are actually pretty intuitive. After all, if you're drinking too much alcohol and you wake up with a hangover, the chances are that you're not going to be at your best! However, even things like the amount of fruit, vegetables, and fiber in your diet, have been proven to affect your mood and how you act, so eating more whole grains and cutting back on red meat a little can aid your self-improvement.


5. Be Independent


It is important to act independently and not rely on others to make decisions for us. To improve as a person, you will need to take responsibility and do what you think is best in a given situation, not necessarily what others expect of you. Making decisions yourself, whether good or bad, is part of the learning curve, and is a big confidence boost the more you do it.


By taking these thoughts on board, hopefully, you can start back on your journey to self-improvement. As with everything in life, the road can be a little bumpy. However, by sticking to your core principles, and doing the best that you can in a given situation, you will continue to improve and be the best person that you can be.


About Connie Jordan:

Connie Jordan of Las Vegas is a professional life, career and executive coach at Anchor Adversity. As the founder and CEO, she is trusted with educating, motivating, and re-branding thousands of individuals’ leadership spirit by coaching life strategies. Jordan is known as an energetic and positive professional who takes pride in supporting others as they engage in self-development to embrace change.